VENDi for Echoes_ Residency on OFF Party Radio - OFF Party Radio
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VENDi for Echoes_ Residency on OFF Party Radio

Second mix for Echoes_ Residency by Rotate artist VENDi

Since childhood VENDi has been self-taught in music, cultivating his passion through his love for piano and guitar. At 20, after spending some time living in Barcelona and gaining exposure to electronic music, he began avidly collecting vinyl and producing music. Before long VENDi decided to move to Berlin were he played in numerous clubs which quickly gained him recognition and bookings across Europe. His passion for production shows in the staggering amount of incredible music he is releasing on renowned underground labels, and with support from respected artists like Arpiar to name a few….. it’s clear that his passion is even reaching the ears of some of his biggest heroes.

In 2015 VENDi released “Lines and Dots EP” on the Russian label Body Parts where he had already had a compilation with Dubsons, Loopdeville & others back in 2014. Last year also brough releases with Sleep Is Commercial and on their sub label, What Now Becomes, and on the highly regarded French label, Silver Network. The huge success of “Lines and Dots EP” on Bodyparts in 2015 combined with the scores of other releases and remixes, has brought VENDi’s work lots of attention from respected labels, which will lead to more new tunes in 2016.