Danni B for LAB Expérience SPRING 5.0 - OFF Party Radio
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Danni B for LAB Expérience SPRING 5.0

Hello Spring with the beautiful Danni B @danni_b on Collage Audio. She’s welcoming the season full of energy that we all had collected during the long winter time..
Enjoy and prepare your body to dance as mother nature is preparing its rebirth process.

Artistic Direction by Aline Raphael
Artwork by Moritz Federlein

Bio : Danni B has been a regular fixture in the Australian club scene for well over a decade, with gigs at some of the country’s most well-known venues and events. Soon after hitting the club circuit in 2004, Danni conceived “Tickled Pink Events”, which has toured international artists such as, Dyed Soundorom & Christian Burkhardt to Australia. This experience definitely raised her desire for the scene overseas.

Danni hit the international scene in 2011 with her first gigs in Berlin at the underground club favorite “Golden Gate” and “Yes Club” in Prague. It didn’t take long for Danni to realize that she belonged in Berlin; relocating in 2012 where she quickly gained a following and lined up several gigs at Katerholzig, Prince Charles, Chalet and Ritter Butzke with a residency at Luis Hill’s party “Crave”.

Since then she has played numerous gigs around Europe and is having success pushing her brand beyond Berlin.

From here, the only place left to go was up and in 2013 Danni reached a milestone in her career, playing the infamous Burning Man Festival as part of the Naturklang Zürich team. Needless to say, her set was very well received and an experience that has left Danni truly inspired and determined to take her musical journey that critical step further.

Joining forces with Berlin label Collage Audio, alongside Jacob Phono early in 2014, Danni is looking to conquer more of the international scene, moving beyond Europe and into the US.

Continuing to base herself in Berlin, Danni has also started her own party / concept titled “VIER”, which showcases female talent from different parts of the globe.

The key focus for 2016 is to continue her production work with music partner, Ben Rau (Fuse London) and cement her unique sound with some of her very own releases.

For bookings contact: FacelessAM@europemail.com (Australian & Asia)
contact@dannib.org (Rest of the world)