Audio Werner for LAB Experience Series - OFF Party Radio
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Audio Werner for LAB Experience Series

For this years spring´s edition of the Lab Experience podcast series Audio Werner (Hartchef, Perlon) took a deep dive into his record shelves and created a special seasonal blend of Vinyl only. This is definitely not a dedicated club mix rather than an audible illustration of springtime slowly taking over from cold and dark winter. Starting with atmospheric ambient sounds, warm rhodes & loose soundscapes the journey continues to more rhythmical environments as springtime progresses. If you expect the usual Audio Werner you know from his DJ sets or productions get ready for a completely new experience – it´s all broken beats and you won´t find any 4 to the floor bassdrum here at all. Happy springtime !

Lab Experience series managed by Aline Raphael and proudly hosted by OFF Party
General design by Moritz Federlein